November 23, 2014


David Long, Director

508 South 10th Avenue, Suite 2
P. O. Box 1746
Sterling, CO 80751
Phone (970) 522-2194
Fax (970) 521-0853

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Board of Human Services Record of Proceedings 10-08-2014

Department of Human Services staff may be contacted via e-mail on our Contact page.

Name Extension Title
Peggy Kircher 270 Essential Support Supervisor
Sharon Dillie 221 Administrative Specialist
Mary Swatzell 222 Administrative Specialist
Ashley Ortega 223 Administrative Specialist
Karen Milner 225 Finance/Acct. Supervisor
Shannon Seelye 224 Assistant Finance Manager
Valerie Richards 226 Senior Administrative Specialist
Erica Frevert 231 Child Welfare Intake Supervisor
Jaclyn Diel 237 Child Welfare – Adult Protection Caseworker
Liz Brown 254 Child Welfare – Caseworker
Bena Coates 239 Child Welfare – Caseworker
Carrie Jackson 250 Child Welfare – Intake Screener
Karen Richards 314 Child Welfare – Intake Screener
Rose Perry 236 Vacant
Nicki Smith 253 Child Welfare – Caseworker
Crystal Jackson 258 IV-E Waiver Facilitator
Peggy Meis 241 Child Welfare On-Going Supervisor
Erik Babel 251 Child Welfare – Caseworker
Sheri Armstrong 297 Child Welfare – Caseworker/Foster Care Coordinator
Sarah Brown 291 Child Welfare – Caseworker
Judy Gibbs 315 Child Welfare – Case Aide
Susan Marostica 267 Child Welfare – Case Aide
Julie Robbins 234 Child Welfare – Foster Care Coordinator
Callie Dolan 240 Child Welfare – Caseworker
Samantha Wingert 263 Child Welfare – Caseworker
Amanda Clary 305 Child Welfare – Caseworker
Erin Rinaldo 238 Core Services Supervisor
Kyle Pocock 252 Child Welfare – Core; Caseworker
Erlene Dever 232 Child Welfare – Core; Case Aide
Toni Harms 242 Child Welfare – Core; Intensive Family Treatment
Christopher Pieper 295 Child Welfare – Core; Caseworker
Tara Friend 255 Child Welfare – Core; Caseworker
Marsha Schuppe 230 Assistance Programs Supervisor
Kyah Buchholz 264 A-F  (FA/MAGI)
Mary Morrison 265 G-L (FA/MAGI)
David Troy 306 M-R (FA/MAGI/Self Emp)
Emma Baray 245 S-Z (FA/MAGI), Spanish
Janice Rice 304 Adult Programs / Fraud Supervisor/Adult Only MAGI
Rose Fleming 259 Fraud Investigator
Valerta Darrell 260 A-G Adult Programs
Rhonda Chrisp 261 H-O Adult Programs
Ginny Anderson 262 P-Z Adult Programs & All Group Home
Jessica Smith 259 A-Z (ABAWD,  FA only and FA/MAGI)
Kathy Owens 248 A-Z TANF
Charla Peterson 229 Child Support Enforcement Supervisor U-Z Fees/Financial
Elisa Gutierrez 268 A-F Child Support Specialist
Heather Deverell 257 G-H Child Support Specialist  Case Initiation & Initial Interviews
Laurie Bellendir 256 I-N Child Support Specialist
Suzanne Stewart 269 O-T Child Support Specialist
Donna Marx 249 Self Sufficiency Supervisor
Teresa Rogers 247 K- Z  TANF Case Manager
Janice Morton 246 A-Z MA & Daycare (FA with her MA/CCAP Cases)
Trystica Gomez 299 A-Z Child Welfare Daycare/Providers
Michelle Talamantes 244 A-J TANF Case Manager
Debora Bates 243 Job Coach/Site Developer
Jennifer Bedford 300 Employment First Case Manager